A downloadable Trippy, Funny for Android

Trippy Trail is a cool new game for Android users that features exciting gameplay to keep the user entertained for a long time. What makes this game unique is that every time the users get beaten in the game, they will get roasted by a bunch of funny memes and insults. 
Not only this game is funny, but also interesting to play. 
Once the app is open, the user will be faced with a savage skull on their screen. They can click on start to begin the game and once they have started, the player has to make sure not to lift their finger from the screen. 
There will be constant obstacles and then the player can move their finger in any direction to stay away from them. If they touch or kill any of the obstacles, the game will be over but before that, there will be a pop-up message featuring the epic insult that will make the user laugh and perhaps, feel embarrassed at the same time. 

On the first trial of the game, following are the few insults we got, “If laughter is the best medicine, then your face must be curing the world” and another one was in a Windows 98 popup format saying, “Random error just to annoy you”. There are so many more, and the game will not run out of insults for a long time! 

The game challenges the user and their reflexes by placing random hurdles on their way. They have to be alert and show their quick reflexes to stay alive and continue in the game. If they hit any of the obstacles, they will be savagely insulted by the savage skull. Trippy Trail is a funny, exciting and trippy ride of memes, accompanied by cool graphics and sound effects.


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